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James Harden’s 61 points carry Rockets to 111-105 win over streaking Spurs

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11 questions about LeBron James and the Lakers’ likely search for a new coach

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Ja Morant against college kids seems unfair

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Jimmy Butler will earn his next max contract in the playoffs

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gclub royal1688Who is the best 1-on-1 player in the NBA? Fill out this bracket to decide

The Lakers have been eliminated from playoff contention with a loss to Nets. How did we get here?

Ja Morant is here to distract you from that awful NBA team you root for

The Denver Nuggets are back

Spurs underdogs at the Rockets on Friday NBA odds board

Mikal Bridges is exactly what the forgotten Phoenix Suns have been looking for

He’s not the type of player the Suns usually target but he could become the most vital piece of their rebuild.

Marcus Smart’s ejection cost the Celtics their glue guy — and a win over the Sixers

Warriors heavy favorites hosting Pacers on Thursday NBA odds

James Harden drops 50+ again [whispers] in a loss to a bad team

D’Angelo Russell’s 44-point night showed a different layer of his game

Were you aware that the Lakers had D’Angelo Russell but traded him?

The Pelicans benched Anthony Davis out of pettiness so he couldn’t take a game-winning shot

Was Isaiah Thomas’ emotional tribute video the start of a Celtics return?

Why aren’t the Spurs taken more seriously as a threat to the Warriors?

The 5 non-Zion Williamson NBA prospects to watch in the the NCAA tournament

Is Giannis Antetokounmpo the next LeBron James yet?

Mike Scott fell into the Bucks crowd and drank some lady’s whiskey DURING A GAME

What kind of legacy does Kemba Walker want?

Inject the Bucks vs. Sixers rivalry right into my carotid

The Pelicans elevated tanking a game to an art form in just 7 seconds

De’Aaron Fox is moving fast, and in the right direction

The Sacramento Kings’ second-year guard brought speed to the NBA. And he’s learning how to use it.

Brandon Ingram’s Deep Venous Thrombosis ends his breakout season early

Best of SB Nation NBA

Doc Rivers and Jim Boylen were BOTH ejected at the SAME TIME

Team USA basketball got its World Cup draw. Now who will play?

The trial of the century (in Alabama)

5 definitely real reasons LeBron James told Kawhi Leonard ‘we’ll be in touch’

The Lakers can’t face reality because fantasy is all they have

Nikola Jokic one-ups Luka Doncic

The 5 West first-round NBA Playoff scenarios we most want to see

If DeMarcus Cousins is this good, the NBA is as doomed as we all expected

Trae Young’s 60-foot alley-oop pass will make your jaw drop

Watch this slick Boogie pass to Steph Curry — only Curry was on the sideline

How the New Jersey Nets wasted a prime championship opportunity, then fell apart and left the state

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