New Mexico - It's where my story begins

Albuquerque, New Mexico -  It's where my story begins

Albuquerque - New Mexico Is Where Your Story Begins 2105

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  Las Cruces - Its where my story begins 

Jal - Its where my story begins 

  Elephant Butte - Its where my story begins

Lift, New Mexico, your drained temple
That mists the charm of your tranquil face,
Furthermore, happily get the splendid crown,
Image of radiance, endeavor, and peace.
After such a variety of years of battle and tirelessness
Your fortunes has changed and you pick up triumph,
Coming to up to see your blessed day finally
That is a flood of joy and the wellspring of your heavenliness.
You have been an extraordinary realm loaded with wealth,
What's more, numerous setbacks you needed to endure,
In any case, now finish triumph reach up to your respectability,
Also, remunerate for your consistency, you had the capacity accomplish.
Your kin for three centuries, secluded and forlorn,
With help or security from no one,
They battled for their presence, foolhardy and brave
Fixing with their blood their domain and ownership.
After such courageous exertion at last you merit
The decency with such a request you obtain,
To be conceded in the condition of the union
With the sway that is a liberated person's charm.
Deterrents and impediment for good they vanish,
What's more, free induction you have to the grand union,
Where the individuals thrive and prosper
With such a large number of assurances and extraordinary insurance.
For that great fulfillment we invite you,
You and your kids such a merited honor,
Also, in your new circle we really trust
That by dint of imperiousness an incredible state you will get to be

Here in the craftsmanship room
of Hennepin United Methodist Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota
where quiet men and ladies travel
to the focal point of the maze
in their stockinged feet
as ladies and men have done
for eight hundred years
(here where Jesus lies
in his mom's arms
under a brilliantly painted radiance)
the penance is definitely not
in the excursion
in its curves and turns
here in Santa Fe
the New Mexico town
where toughened laborers convey
substantial crosses and overwhelming convictions
next to each other one next to the other
on supports and wheelchairs
in split calfskin boots
twenty seven miles to the desert
altar of Chimayo
pretty much as they have for two hundred years
(here where Jesus drains
splendid red paint
from fly-plagued injuries)
the penance is most certainly not
in the voyage
in its winds and turns
furthermore, betray heat
the penance
is dependably